It gets easier! – Camp NaNoWriMo 2019 Week 2

I have bypassed my inner critique. I have written so much and so badly every day for a month that I don’t care anymore, so long as I am writing. And what’s better: I know it isn’t all rubbish! I know that, in a month, when I give myself the time to go over some of the things I’ve written I’ll be able to look at them like an editor and fix them up so that they are what writer me thought they were when she was putting them down...


Unintended Hiatus Over?

I've been wrecking my brain for the last couple of days about what to do here. I stopped posting for 2 weeks and I'm sure no one really noticed but I had a streak going. I had a deal with myself and I had been keeping to it really well. I guess I was trying to gauge whether I was disappointed at myself, but I've realised now that I got this all wrong...

Talking to Myself

If you've ever struggled with your mental health, then you might already know about all this. You might already know that sometimes the only way to alleviate the suffering is by vocalising something, anything. Whether that is just a noise or an incoherent endless train of thoughts. But if you are pass that stage (or hopefully have never reached it) then I would argue that journaling is an awesome way to talk to yourself.


TRIGGER WARNING: Reader's discretion advised. Adult content ahead. This short fictional story contains explicit self-harm with an idea of related relief and pleasure. It also contains implicit ideas of abuse, torture and kidnapping (although I'm not sure if those come across). This is a sketch, an exercise to put myself in the mind of a very disturb character and victim. I'm not advocating or endorsing this behaviour. Sometimes writers have to write things they themselves wouldn't do or like but it is an important exercise on empathy and on reaching out of your comfort zone.